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Vinyl Tile Peel and Stick Instructions

Before applying Peel and Stick tiles make sure to prepare the surface properly.


2 quick tips to help you install your vinyl flooring. Sometimes when you work on a budget you have to improvise. Don’t forget to let the planks acclimate to the ambient room temperature for at least 4

 Old damaged asphalt floor must be properly prepared before laying new vinyl peel and stick floor tile.


Short time-lapse clip of us installing vinyl tiles onto the fresh subfloor. The tiles are a thicker, composite vinyl that has a durable, textured, scratch resistant top-surface. They are also about a quarter-inch thick and look/feel like ceramic tile.
We first put down a fresh sub-floor of 1/4″ plywood and rolled on 2 coats of vinyl tile primer to seal the wood surface.
Total install time for 200 sq ft was a few hours. The key is in carefully laying out the starting point so as to minimize cutting tile around the room perimeter.


How to Lay Vinyl Tile On Concrete Floor (Part 2) 

Self Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles

Most self stick floor tiles are made out of vinyl. These self stick vinyl floor tiles provide you a perfect inexpensive option for kitchen, bathroom, and entrance-way flooring. Vinyl tiles have a high-made quality and they can for the most part imitate the looks of ceramic and stone tiles. Continue reading

Buying a Vinyl Floor: What to Consider

You have probably searching the internet for various types of vinyl flooring  and may be getting close to buying this popular and versatile flooring.

You’ve learned that the vinyl flooring of yesterday is long gone and newer, better performing vinyl flooring is available today.

In this article you’ll learn about new product insights, performance considerations, construction points and installation tips about vinyl flooring that you should be aware of before you buy. Continue reading

Vinyl Flooring is economical

Vinyl flooring  is still one of the most economical flooring choices you can make for your home. Vinyl is affordable; offers the widest variety of quality levels and prices; the widest variety of patterns and colors. It can be used in all levels of the house. And, it is quiet and comfortable underfoot.

With that, the following is a small sampling of the wide mix of styles top manufacturers offering.  Continue reading

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