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Ceramic Flooring Tiles – Handmade vs Machine Made

Watch all 3 parts of Designing With Tile:Vermeere Ceramic: Episode1 at once using this playlist. Denes Petoe explores the finer points of designing with ceramic tile, trim, molding, borders and mosaic using Vermeere Ceramics

In part 2, Denes illustrates the underlying color values in white ceramic tile. He also discusses the differences between hand made & machine made tile. This leads into a comparison of ceramic tile glaze finishes such as gloss, crackle & matte. Many different considerations of selecting the appropriate finish are revealed when Denes goes in-depth about ceramic tile finishes.
A key element of interior design relating to tile is discussed as well: ceramic trim & bullnose tile using Vermeere Ceramics as an example. The treatment of transitions between materials, horizontal or vertical surfaces and different spaces using bullnose ceramic tile trim are considered in this segment.

In part 3, Denes begins this segment with ceramic tile trim, moldings and liners. He illustrates the difference between Vermeere Ceramics Architectural Tile Molding trim and Fancy Tile Molding trim.
He then demonstrates the finer points of ceramic mosaic patterns & finishes. Denes reveals a way to use sheets of ceramic mosaic to create tile borders in a very efficient and inexpensive way.


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