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Laminate Flooring Installation Videos

Assorted Videos on how to install all types of laminate flooring

A video step by step guide to installing laminate flooring. Everything you need to know about how to install laminate floors. Presented by BuildDirect.


The video below is a Step by step guide on installing  laminate flooring in an apartment The video shows all the tricks of the trade


The video below shows how to fit laminate planks in tight spaces at the finishing wall. Shaving, gluing and tapping planks into place under the doorway. Visit blog and view articles at


The video below shows trick and tips on how to install laminate flooring correctly


The video below shows you how to install Pergo laminate flooring. The Pergo laminate flooring is a very high quality laminate, gives a similar look to the real hardwood and can give your house a new look. The padding (underlayment) is already attached to the back of each piece of laminate, saving you a lot of time during the installation process.


The video below offers advice on how to install underlayment for laminate flooring.

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How to install Pergo laminate flooring on concrete subfloor

Pergo floors are one of the best laminate flooring on the market. Imitates the real wood, easy to install and can give your house a new look. The Pergo flooring has the padding already attached on the back of each plank, saving time in the process of installation and also saves you money (you don’t have to purchase the under-layment). The extra cost for you in this process of installing new laminate flooring is the moisture barrier (needed if the sub-floor is concrete).




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