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Georgia Flooring Company Offers Affordable Options for Home Improvement

As the economic crisis in the country continues, as people lose jobs and lose homes, consumers are looking for good deals.



15th March 2010 – Georgia Carpet Industries, based in Dalton, Georgia, has answered thiscall by offering their customers high quality flooring at rock bottom prices. The bonus is that they provide great customer service.

This is good news to homeowners, especially those who want to improve their home. Anindividual who wishes to make improvements on their home in preparation of putting it on the market can spend less money to get their home market ready. Likewise, the person who can’t afford to move to a new home can upgrade their existing home, making it more livable and attractive while spending less money.

As more people are forced to put their homes on the market, the real estate market is quickly becoming saturated. This means that in order for a homeowner to give their listing acompetitive edge, and then they must offer something “extra.” High quality flooring and carpeting can make a dramatic difference in the value of a home. However, the state of the economy is prohibitive of excessive spending on improvements that may not be entirely essential.

Georgia Carpet Industries offers carpet, vinyl, hardwood, bamboo, tile and laminate flooring

at thirty to fifty percent less than retail prices. Home owners can purchase carpet for as low as twenty nine cents a square foot. This means that it costs less for homeowners to put flooring in their home, decreasing their contribution to making the dwelling market ready and increasing their profit margin.

Access to the deals offered by Georgia Carpet Industries is not only confined to the Dalton, Georgia area. By accessing their website at where they can shop online and have their flooring shipped directly to their door. Georgia Carpet’s nationwide shipping policy operates on a zone concept with different shipping amounts per square foot depending on the shipping destination. So, homeowners anywhere in the country can put new floors in their homes, rentals, commercial buildings and homes for sale for much lower than retail.

Whether visiting the Georgia Carpet store at 3352 Lower Dug Gap Road in Dalton, Georgia or visiting the website at while sitting in Boise, Idaho, homeowners can find the flooring that they need at the prices that they can afford.

At this point, the nation’s economy makes it difficult for extra spending in many households. Georgia Carpet Industries makes it just a little easier.

P.O. Box 2087,

3352 Lower Dug Gap Road

Dalton, Georgia


United States




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