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BLT Flooring Installation, Care & Cleaning Guide

Better Life Technology’s garage flooring is designed to simply roll out from garage front to back (not side to side). To determine the proper size to order, sketch out a footprint or floor plan of your garage and use this as a basic guideline for the area you want to cover. Include enough detail in your sketch to be able to discern where any irregular areas may be. Using a tape measure, measure from the street garage door opening to the back wall, then measure from left to right between the side walls, marking both measurements accurately on the sketch. Since garage shapes and sizes vary, it may require additional measuring to accurately determine dimensions of smaller spaces such as single car attached areas, laundry or workshop areas. Better Life Technology’s Parking Pad and Garage Flooring are accurately cut and when unrolled, produce a straight edge to align placement against the side wall. If you need to trim the width for proper fit, trim the excess material along the wall and use the factory cut for seams between rolls. Note that rolls come in several different widths as well as a variety of lengths. Often a combination of sizes will yield the best fit with minimal waste for your garage. If you need additional help, feel free to email us with your questions.

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Garage Floor Installation Guide

1) For best result, unpack and install product as soon as possible after delivery. The sooner product is removed from packaging, the sooner it will lay flat on garage floor after installation.

2) Sweep and clean garage floor. Wipe up any oil and chemicals from floor before rolling out product.

3) Unroll product on garage floor. Edges may be butted together or overlapped (see Overlap Note below) for seamless appearance and floor protection. Initially, the Garage Flooring will have curl marks due to being rolled on a core or folded in a box for shipment (this is normal).
Overlap note: Ribbed Flooring that is 10′ wide, has an “overlap flap” (approximately 1.5″ to 2″ wide) of unpatterned material running down BOTH sides. Flooring that is 9′ wide or less, has no “overlap flap”.
Unroll option 1: For lay flat results, unroll Garage Flooring in the sunlight on a clean driveway. The warmer the conditions the quicker curls will straighten out and lay flat. Use wide push broom, push air out from center and work your way out (side to side and length to length) Repeat if necessary. Place on garage floor when desired and repeat broom out.
Unroll option 2: If you wish to unroll product directly on the garage floor, sweep garage floor clean of debris and unroll Garage Flooring. For best results, start unrolling process at the garage entrance; finishing at the back of the garage. Note: In cool to cold conditions it may take 72+ hours for most curl marks to lay flat depending on the temperature. Be sure to push out air with broom (It is OK to park your car on it during this time).

4) Allow mat to relax and lay flat. For custom fit, allow product to relax in place before trimming around edges and corners.
Note: If product is used under extreme temperature conditions, such as direct sunlight or unheated garages, the product may expand or contract as much as 2% after laying flat. For custom fit, always allow product to relax before trimming around edges and corners.

5) Trim edges with sharp scissors or utility knife.

6) Tape around edges, if desired. If you choose to tape down edges or the seam between two floor protectors, we recommend using indoor-outdoor carpet tape.
CAUTION—SAFETY WARNING: Any floor surface can become slippery in the presence of moisture and debris. Proper care and cleaning of vinyl flooring will reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. Wipe up any oil, chemicals, or other fluids that may drip or leak from vehicle to prevent hazardous, slippery conditions. Always dispose of hazardous materials properly.

Garage Flooring Care and Cleaning

• Surface is easily washed with soap and water. Product can be easily washed off inside or outside of garage. Brush or sweep with cool water using a broom or sponge squeegee. Mild soaps and normal household detergents may be used. Do not leave harsh detergents or chemicals on product or wash into sewer system. Some people prefer moving the product outside and hosing it off.
• Normal household vinyl cleaners may be used to increase longevity and to remove stubborn debris. Certain automotive vinyl products may cause surface to become slippery. Use a non-slip vinyl protector such as a clean-and-shine floor cleaner.
• This is not a stain-proof product—certain dyes, inks, rubber tires, and chemicals may cause permanent staining. Some of our customers have reported that spray-on Brake and Tool Cleaner, found in many auto parts stores, will remove some stubborn stains without damaging the product. However, use of brake and tool cleaner may cause product discoloration. Never use harsh chemicals such as tar remover or kerosene on this product.
• After cleaning, apply a coat of floor polish for vinyl floors to add a long-lasting, high-luster finish, even to older garage floor protectors.
NOTE: Leaving chemicals on the product for a long period of time may cause damage. If concrete floor has been treated with certain sealers prior to mat installation, sealer may break down over time and adhere to back of mat without causing damage to mat. Some motorcycle kickstands may cut or damage this product..

Garage Floor Coverings Protect Your Concrete Floors

If you are thinking of protecting your garage floor with garage floor coverings then you are making a good decision. These products help protect against harmful substances such as road salt, chemicals and oil and gas. These types of things are exposed to your concrete on a regular basis, so you need something effective and durable. Continue reading

Types of Garage Floor Covering

There is  a wide variety of products for garage flooring on the market today that it gets difficult to decide which one you want to use in your garage. There are a number of things that you need to take into consideration before you make your final decision. Here are a couple garage floor covering products you can choose from. Continue reading

Garage Flooring Treatment

 The best thing about which ever garage floor sealer or covering that you choose is that it will allow you easily clean up any sort of spills or oil drips while giving your floor a clean new finish. One of the worst things about your typical concrete floor is that it is highly absorbent and almost sponge like. This means that any spill of paint or leaked from your vehicle is irreparably absorbed into the floor and almost impossible to remove. On the other hand, a garage floor treatment such as epoxy will allow you to easily wipe up any spills with a simple rack and some water. Continue reading

Flooring Your Garage

The garage can be dressed up in different manners. People usually improve the look of their garage for two reasons. The first thing is because it would increase its value if it is more appealing. Secondly, it would be easier to organize and clean. There are people who depend on garage floor paint and others like using garage floor covering. There are also those who will not risk damaging the concrete by combining the two. Continue reading

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