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VersaStick™: New Universal “Green” Pressure Sensitive Flooring Adhesive

VersaStick™ is VOC- and solvent free clearset, fast drying adhesive for use on subfloors and against floor being laid. A versatile adhesive, it enables fewer SKUs. Spreads easily and has high ititial tack.
Norfolk, NE,  September 07, 2012 –(PR.com)– MP Global Products, a manufacturer of fiber acoustic underlayments, introduces VersaStick™ premium “green” pressure sensitive flooring adhesive for non-grouted luxury vinyl tile/plank and multi-ply engineered plank hardwood flooring over approved substrates.
An environmentally friendly no-VOC, solvent-free clear set adhesive formulated to be fast drying, VersaStick is extremely versatile. A “universal” adhesive, it enables contractors and builders to limit SKUs needed for multiple types of flooring installations. It spreads easily and has high initial tack and superior shear strength. Flooring may be installed up to 16 hours after initial drying if the area remains dust and dirt free.
Other features and benefits of VersaStick include:

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Wood Flooring Adhesive Info

Water based adhesives certified as “very low emission” are the first choice for health and environmental protection. They are free of solvents or VOCs and safe to install. However, their range of application concerning certain types of wood floor or sub floor is limited.moisture-cure adhesives offer the largest range of application and highest installation security but are Continue reading

Adhesives that that multi-task for either the installer or the substrate

Adhesive Manufacturers are staying busy developing products that multi-task for either the installer or the substrate, while maintaining a commitment to impart the lowest impact on the environment possible.

The strength to bend

Working with a product that has firm bonding strength but is also easy to work with is an important feature of an adhesive, one often addressed in the primary stages of a product’s development.

At Para-Chem, flooring application specialist Sonny Callaham noted the advantages of proximity during the earliest stages. “With Parabond being a division of Para-Chem, we enjoy the advantage of having our raw material supplier working side-by-side with our chemists to ensure the highest quality of adhesive without the sacrifice of workability for the installer.” Continue reading

Flooring Adhesives – Eight things you need-to-know


The Trowel will impact the effectiveness of the adhesive

Adhesives were first used as an installation method in the wood flooring
industry more than a half century ago. The process was simply a matter of
spreading the molten asphalt onto the prepared subfloor, then embedding the wood flooring into the asphalt before it began to set. The work was difficult, messy and dangerous. 

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Adhesive over Concrete

Concrete shall be cured, clean, and dry. The concrete shall be free of paint, dirt, grease, oil, curing or parting agents, and other contaminants, including sealers, that may interfere with the bonding of the adhesive.  Select Here to download PDF

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