The Benefits of Cork Flooring

  • Comfort & Softness
    The air trapped inside the cellular structure of cork provides a natural shock absorbing feel to the floor. It’s great for applications where you are standing a lot such as in a Kitchen providing relief for your feet, back and legs.
  • Beauty
    Cork has a natural beauty rivaled by few other natural materials. It comes in many colors and different manufacturers provide various tile shapes and patterns as well.
  • Noise Reduction
    The same cellular structure that makes the floor comfortable also reduces noise and vibration. Unlike hard materials like tile, wood or vinyl, cork is quiet and reduces impact noise such as something dropping on the floor or the sound of walking by people or pets.
  • Healthy and Safe

    Cork has natural properties that are anti-allergenic and resistant to insects. A naturally occurring waxy substance in cork called suberin repels insects, mites and mold and protects cork from from rotting when wet for a long time. In addition, suberin is naturally fire resistant and cork doesn’t release any toxic off-gassing when it burns. These natural properties plus the coatings used to seal cork flooring make it healthy and safe for adults, pets and baby.

  • Durability and Ease of Maintenance
    Durability is a strong trait of cork and cork floors have been used in public buildings such as churches and libraries since 1898, long before residential applications.

American Cork Products, LLC – AmCork imports more than 30 patterns, colors and surfaces of cork flooring. Commercially rated, durable cork tiles and floating floors provide rich, warm
surfaces with a supple, resilient footing. Made by gathering the bark of the cork oak, never felling the tree itself.

Capri Cork – offers several resilient flooring options including: Mediterra cork homogeneous and veneer glue down tile, Cor-Terra rubber flooring with cork content, re-cycled rubber in rolls and
tiles and Eco-Clicks glueless cork floating floor.

Duro-Design – We combine the most advanced cork flooring wood and bamboo flooring wood coating technology with the resilience and beauty of natural cork and bamboo fibers to produce state of the art cork floors, cork walls as well as bamboo flooring and bamboo walls.

Expanko – manufacturers a wide variety of cork flooring, including cork rubber floors.

Globus Cork – exclusive manufacturer of vibrantly colored cork tiles. Unique color palette lets the rich texture of cork show through. Specialty patterns and custom cuts available for shipping worldwide.

Natural Cork, L.L.C. – a leading supplier of natural cork floors and wall covering products.

Jelinek Cork – Jelinek Cork floor tiles have all the advantages of a natural cork product: elastic, anti-static, sound absorbing, insulating, and anti-allergenic.

Wicanders – is a brand name from the Amorim Group, with a long established line of products for supplying high quality natural floors, including Portugese cork tiles and planks. Also produces cork floors with Corkloc, Wicanders Glueless Flooring Systems.

We Cork – offers a complete line of natural cork flooring, sound control, under hard surface flooring (acoustical underlayment) and floating floors.