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Basement Floor Covering Tips

Basements are usually damp, dingy and musty areas. Unless yours is completely dry, year round, guaranteed, you should really consider only using temporary flooring solutions. When shopping for a basement floor covering, disregard expensive, permanent products because you will only come to grief at the first sign of mildew or mold, and wind up ripping the entire thing up and starting over. If you’re basment has problems with moisture, minimal or significant your best bet is to choose a flooring that can easily be replaced in sections. Continue reading

Epoxy Floor Coatings for Concrete

Epoxy Floor Paint is dust proof and very easy to clean and has unbeatable mechanical strength
Because of it’s chemical resistance it protects the base concrete floor. All Epoxy floor coating products boast outstanding durability and requires no maintenance (apart from cleaning if required)

Here’s anarticle Submitted by a Reader on how Epoxy Floor Paint saved the their day.

Like many homes, the one we moved into was previously occupied by pet lovers, and their canine companions certainly left their scent behind them. There was also the faint but distinct smell of cat pee in the spare bedroom. We had already prepared for this and new that once we cleaned these surfaces properly and sealed them with an epoxy floor covering, then all would be well with the world. Continue reading

What is an Epoxy Floor coating kit

Simply put it’s a high performance floor coating kit. The decorative coating can be used for offices, shops, or other interior surfaces, but it’s most widely used in private homes for garage flooring .It consists of clear hardener, base color (only available in tan or gray), paint chips to shake on the surface, and a clear coat. The product resists chemical stains, oil, shoe scuffs and, tire marks. In addition, it creates an easy-to-clean finish and is very simple to apply and no special equipment is required

Basement Floor Covering

Finishing a Basement Floor can seem like an daunting challenge with no good solutions. However; here are some Basement Flooring Options that are quick and easy to install and engineered to excel in an environment prone to dampness, mold or mildew. Choosing Basement Floor Tiles instead of traditional carpet, linoleum or ceramic tile has many advantages. Basement Floors come in a variety of flooring options such as wooden, carpet, rubber and tile to fit your Basement Floor needs. Whatever your Flooring in Basement needs require, you have found a solution that is high quality, comfortable, versatile, pleasing to the eye and will last for years to come.

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