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Choosing Carpet

Choosing the right carpet depends on a number of factors. Below are the major types of carpet flooring. Please read on before choosing carpet for your home or office.

Information on how to install carpet flooring

Wool Carpet is the most expensive choice. It is the softest and most luxurious feeling because of its natural fiber composition.  It also comes in a range of colors, repels moisture and is durable.  The problem with it is that strong chemical cleaners and bleaches will damage its look, thus if you plan to buy wool carpet then place it in areas that are not prone to stains or spills. Nylon Carpet

is among the widely used carpeting due the comfort, durability and high stain-resistance that it offers.  These traits make them ideal to use in high traffic areas but not in areas prone to moisture.  It is perfect for hallways, stairs, and living areas.  For high traffic areas choose nylon carpets that have been manufactured to be densely packed as they retain their rich texture longer than standard carpeting. Polyester Carpet offers a similar comfort to nylon carpet which can be ideal to walk barefoot on.  It can also be good at resisting stains but may easily attract dirt.  So it would not be best in high traffic

areas. Olefin Carpet is popular for its extreme durability and resistance to moisture as well as chemicals and bleaches.  The cons with this type is walking barefoot on it may not be a pleasurable experience.  This serves a good choice for bathrooms and other wet areas. Monte Hoover with Gillespie’s Abbey Carpet & Floor educates on the selecting on correct carpet for your home.


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