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Carpet Installation Tips

Use the Correct Carpet Cushion

The use of the appropriate carpet cushion is important for several reasons, not the least of which is maximizing  the performance of the carpet.  The correct cushion in a stretch in installation will act as a suspension system under carpet.  Softer is not better.  In fact, the softer and thicker the cushion the greater the chance of the carpet developing wrinkles and buckles and  the potential for structural compromise of the product, in particular delamination.   The current standard for carpet cushion, 7/16 inch thickness and 6 pound density, was a compromise reached by the industry years ago; it is not necessarily the best thickness or density.  The key is to use a carpet cushion that is not higher than the pins of the tackstrip used to hold tension on the carpet.  The cushion should also be dense enough to support traffic but also to prevent too much vertical and lateral movement.   A cushion that is too thick and too soft will inevitably create buckles and wrinkles in a carpet.   Continue reading

Carpet Installation Handbook

The procedures listed in this handbook are our best recommendations for installing J+J/Invision broadloom carpets via the direct glue-down or stretch-in methods. Additionally, there are instructions for installation of Nexus and eKo modular tile.  Select Here to Download PDF

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