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caring for bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is extremely durable and hard wearing, taking care to protect your floor from potentially damaging elements will  ensure that it continues to look its best and provides decades of use long after it has been installed. As with other types of hardwood flooring, treat your bamboo floor with care and it will reward you by showing its natural beauty to admire and enjoy year after year for many years to come. Provided below are some care tips to help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your floor. 

Bamboo flooring needs to be kept  free of dust, dirt and grit. Even the tiniest particles of dirt can cause minute scratches on its surface. Sweeping regularly with a soft broom will ensure that dust doesn’t do any damage, however additional steps should be taken to make sure that dirt and grit on the soles of shoes aren’t brought into contact with the surface of the floor.  This can be done by placing wipe mats both at the entrances to your premises and in the doorways leading to each room.

Be Sure To Walk Carefully

High heeled shoes can damage a bamboo floor. It is not recommended that you allow such shoes to come into contact with your floor as the load pressure on such a narrow point of contact can exert a huge amount of pressure on the floor causing it to become dented.

If using a rug on your bamboo floor, make sure that it is a type that is suitable for use on wooden or bamboo flooring. Rubber backed rugs should be avoided as they may cause discoloration of the flooring  because the floor is unable to breathe through the rubber.

Protective pads should be placed under the ends of legs on chairs, tables and cupboards, etc. The thick fabric / felt type are usually best. If some of your furniture items are on casters remove them if practical or place fabric backed caster cups / floor protectors under them.

Under no circumstances be tempted to drag any heavy furniture items across a bamboo floor as doing so may leave deep gouge or scrape marks and will probably  damage your floor  beyond economical repair.

Chairs, Tables, Armoires…

Change the position of  your furniture and rugs periodically. Some floors may fade slightly over time, this will ensure that the natural change of color is evenly spread. Some new types of bamboo floors are now said to be manufactured in a special way to minimize fading.

Try to use the bamboo flooring manufacturers recommended cleaning products on your floor. The manufacturers really do know what they are talking about and you can therefore be certain the product they recommend is the best for your floor.  Manufacturers may sometimes stipulate that only a certain brand or type of cleaning agent should be used on the floor that they have supplied. If this is the case, be careful that you do not invalidate your warranty by using another brand or type.

Protect Your Bamboo Floor With Some Cool Shades

Direct sunlight can cause some types of bamboo floor to become discolored. It may happen if the floor is exposed to highly concentrated  sun rays for long periods, such as through an unscreened window at certain times of the day. If you have a floor that may be affected, take care to shield it from the suns rays by using screens, net curtains or blinds.

Spills should be cleaned up immediately. If liquid spills are left for a long period of time they may seep into your floor and cause deep staining which may be impossible to remove.

Remember, spending a little time looking after your bamboo flooring will ensure that it continues to look good and lasts for many years and will be sure to help eliminate the need for any major maintenance to be carried out.