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What are the most popular types of flooring this month?

What is possibly the most popular flooring type?It appears that from the number of monthly searches that Laminate flooring is the most popular type of floor covering. Select the type of flooring for your room according to the room’s function, the desired effect, the amount of foot traffic you have and of course your budget. If you are a handy person, installing your own flooring can save you a lot of money.

Inexpensive laminate flooring provides you with the opportunity to have elegant floors in your home without dishing out a pile of cash. You can buy both laminate flooring and hardwood flooring at discount prices if you are a savvy shopper. Many flooring retailers regularly have sales during times when people are not buying many home improvement products or when they want to move stock in a short period of time to make room for more. Discontinued lines are also available as discount hardwood flooring, but you have to make sure that you can get enough of it to complete your room. When you buy discount laminate flooring, you are not sacrificing quality for price. There are many well-known retailers that offer discount laminate flooring to customers when they have an overrun or too much inventory in their warehouse. When you go to buy laminate floors, you will experience a difference in that you won’t be able to place a deposit down and then collect the flooring at a later date. You will have to pay the full amount upfront and take the flooring with you when you leave. The retailer may or may not include free delivery when it sells hardwood or laminate at a deep discount price.

Remember that floors are usually the part of your home that initially attracts your guests attention. When they step their foot on your floor, they will most probably notice and check what kind of flooring you have. It’s as important as your wallpaper, ceiling and home decorations. Choosing the right flooring for your home may seem like an overwhelming decision to make. It requires careful planning as you would like to show your personality and style with a touch of practicality.

With the numbers of flooring types available, it does seem so hard to choose the right type of flooring. You will probably like them all and they all probably look perfect for your home. Now, the question of which to choose arises. The answer to this question depends on many factors. You should consider the size of the family and the traffic the floor will receive. Will the floor be safe if you have any children? How much maintenance does the floor require and how long do you expect to have the same floor? 

Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

Are you looking for a list of laminate flooring manufactures? We wanted to provide you with some of the top laminate hardwood flooring manufacturers that you can trust.  These companies have gone out of their way to produce amazing products of which they are proud but...

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Bamboo Flooring Manufactuers Listed

The following is a list of Bamboo Flooring Manufacturers selling flooring in the United States. Bamboo Flooring is becoming ever so popular as it is known as a renewable green resource. Bamboo Flooring is an attractive alternative for flooring because of its physical...

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Carpet Fiber Manufactuers Listed

ANSOSmartCare.com - an innovative concept in ANSO® carpet care, designed to provide immediate, expert advice for all of your carpet cleaning and maintenance questions. 3M Scotchgard Carpet Protector - the home of 3M's Scotchgard brand products. Scotchgard(TM) cleaning...

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Area Rug Manufactuers Listed

    828 International Trading Co. - Supplier of rugs made in Belgium, England, China and to Turkey, and India. American Rug Craftsmen - manufacturer of a variety of area rugs. A division of Mohawk Industries. American Weavers - manufacturer of area rugs runners, throw...

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Carpet Flooring Manufacturers

Associated Weavers International - Manufacturers for both the residential (Associated Weavers Europe) and commercial (Balsan and Dalsan) carpets and carpet tiles. Atlas Halicilik - Turkish manufacturer producing wilton type high quality machine made carpets. Axminster...

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Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers List

Anderson Wood Floors manufacturer of prefinished, engineered wood floors. Authentic Pine Floors Heart Pine and Wide Pine Planks. Award Hardwood Floors manufacturer of the Wearmax® ceramic finish in a wide array of colors in both domestic and exotic wood species. B.A....

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Cork Flooring Manufacturers Listed

The Benefits of Cork Flooring Comfort & Softness The air trapped inside the cellular structure of cork provides a natural shock absorbing feel to the floor. It's great for applications where you are standing a lot such as in a Kitchen providing relief for your feet,...

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Guide to Bathroom Flooring Types

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, you may have looked into what type of flooring you’d like to use. There are several types to choose from, each having its own look, feel, benefits, and drawbacks. Read below to learn all about the different types of flooring...

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Formaldehyde Concerns

Formaldehyde testing This article was written by Lee Phillips of Professional Testing Laboratory, the premier flooring testing lab in the country and an affiliate of LGM and Associates. It was instigated by the recent 60 Minutes expose on formaldehyde in laminate...

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The Benefits of Tile Installation

Carpet is graded by the materials used, the amount of fiber weight and how well it is constructed. There are so many ways to make the wrong choices if you don't get accurate and honest carpet information.Although carpet and hardwood have been at the forefront of the...

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Basement Subfloor

If your basement remodeling ideas include installing a basement finishing system with Total Basement Finishing and then laying down your own carpeting or padding, we have the perfect answer for you. ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting creates an inorganic barrier that...

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A Basement Flooring Option

ModuTile is a USA manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles for basements and other home flooring needs. These tiles are quickly becoming a great basement flooring option because of their affordability and the fact that they are designed as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself)...

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Finding the Right Flooring for your Home

Everybody dreams of living in a gorgeous house . Once you have the house , you’re often perplexed with different decorating ideas . It’s best if you start at the basics . Good floor coverings forms the starting point of any decorating theme . So it’s essential to get...

Pergo Wood Flooring sold at Lowes

Below is a partial list of the Pergo wood flooring products sold at Lowes with download links to their installation instructions. It's easy to install a Pergo® floor with a little guidance. Download a copy of their Essentials Guide for Laminate Flooring. Find your...

Solid Wood vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

There are two types of hardwood flooring, solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. Both are made up of 100% real wood. Both are offered with a factory finish or can be finished right at your home or place of business and both can be refinished. But...

Effects of Temperature and Humidity on Floor Coverings

This subject may seem absurd to some people, it certainly has garnered responses of “you’re nuts” when being brought up as a cause for flooring material an installation failures, but rest assured, it is a legitimate issue. It becomes a bigger issue when you consider...

What Flooring works best in your basement?

  Picking floors for the basement can be quite a task because basements often come with a set of restrictions that make you fully search  around every possible flooring option with the fear hat  moisture may ruin your floor in the future.  Its best to consider all of...